What do I need to become a Native Nanny?

The first and foremost quality that qualifies you to be a Native Nanny is the love of children. Furthermore engagement, flexibility, enthusiasm, creativity, punctuality, trustworthiness are all welcome characteristics.

There are also several points to be considered if you would like to work as a child carer in Germany and register at Native Nanny:

Legal Requirements

  • EEA Citizens (EU passport holder or holder of passport from Iceland, Lichtenstein or Norway)
    • You just need your official confirmation of registration in Germany (German: “Anmeldebestätigung”) and your passport or ID card.
  • All other non-EEA Citizens
    • You will also need to provide a valid visa and work permit to work legally in Germany (German: “Aufenthaltstitel mit Arbeitserlaubnis”).

Education Requirements

There is no official required education level for being a Native Nanny. Nevertheless, many families appreciate a good educational background – especially in the social or pedagogical areas (for example nursing, teaching, social work, etc). Certificates from courses such as first aid, sports trainer, language institutions, teaching, among others are always an added bonus.

Experience Requirements

Qualified and experienced Nannies will have better chances of finding jobs and will be able to ask for a higher salary. Remember to collect written references from previous jobs, they will prove very valuable.