Tips for finding and choosing reliable international childcare

15 April 2024
Nanny and young child with building blocks

Finding international childcare, for example an English-speaking babysitter or an Italian-speaking nanny, can be an exciting but challenging experience. It requires careful planning, research and consideration to ensure that your little ones are in good hands. Here are some helpful tips for finding a reliable and caring childminder: Start early.

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Hallowe’en – did you know?

27 October 2023
Halloween Family with Lanterns

Halloween is originally an Irish tradition, called “Samhain” in Gaelic, dating back thousands of years to the Celtic new year festivities on the 1st of November. This day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter ahead. The Celts believed that on

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Advantages of being multilingual

16 January 2023
Child at chalkboard with languages

There are many advantages to being multilingual. If you have decided to raise a child bilingually or multilingually, they will benefit in many ways. Naturally you will stumble across challenges every now and then. However, the most important message to remember is that whatever you can do to help your

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10 sustainable ideas for autumn with children

30 September 2022
Autumnal ideas for children

Autumn is upon us! Sometimes we look back longingly at the summer and forget all the great things autumn has to offer. Here’s a list of 10 sustainable ideas to enjoy with the kids this autumn: Discover what your local vicinity has to offer. We all know that in autumn

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Looking for a nanny for the first time

30 September 2022
Family at home with mother on computer

As a new parent, we are faced with many new challenges. Probably one of the more difficult is arranging childcare for the first time. Sooner or later, due to work, illness, changes in family circumstances, or simply making time for hobbies and other activities, you will need childcare support. This

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